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12 Jun 2019




Text and Photos: Reinis Babrovskis 


On Thursday June 6th, the Big MacMillan car show was held at the headquarters of “Turkington Windows and Conservatories” in Portadown, Northern Ireland; which is the family business of Northern Irish BTCC racing car driver - Colin Turkington. In just five short hours, more than £11,500 was raised at the charity event in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support.

The event, which was organised by Turkingtons along with “I do wedding cars”, was attended by hundreds of car enthusiasts from all over the country.Even though this was held on a school night, come 10pm the whole place was very much alive and kicking, and whilst everyone had hoped for a great turnout, I don’t believe anyone expected just quite so many to be here!


All proceeds collected on the day went to the instantly recognisable green army of Macmillan cancer support workers. There are very few words to describe what a magical job these guys are doing, so if you didn't get a chance to call down on the night please visit their site where you can donate at any time there. Every penny donated helps these people keep doing what they do best - supporting people who need it the most. Well done guys!


If there was a man that deserved a prize on the day it was this man – David Branagh Curry, who despite all weather conditions never stopped entertaining the crowds, and boy does he love to entertain. Barely stopping for breath, he sang his heart out all evening, much to the enjoyment of all present.


Whilst the event was advertised as historic and unique car event nobody was turned down away the gates. The original 150 car limit was reached within minutes and having had a look outside the gates, I realised the queue was filled with cars from all eras, continents and styles. From classic and modern American muscle and trikes to modern supercars and classic British and Japanese sports cars. It was amazing to see the phenomenal turnout and support, showing how highly everybody thinks of the Turkington family here in Northern Ireland.


Whilst we enjoyed coffee as well as some other strange but wonderful concoction Chris (AE86 World) had, everybody was busy cleaning up their pride and joys in preparation for the show. It was finally time for us to take a tour around the place and see what beautiful cars had arrived. Also...
You're doing it wrong if you're at a car event and haven't had cuddles with every dog there. If not, what sort of person you are really?!


I loved the fact there were cars from all over the globe and different eras, yet we, petrol heads all speak the same language - cars. At what other show would you ever expect to see a Citroen 2CV - a car originally designed in 1948 to help motorise farmers in France parked up and being shown beside a DC5 type R – a car which has been bestowed hero status on platforms such as PistonHeads due to its raucous nature, and arguably one of the best handling FWD cars ever made! We respect each other and love to talk to each other about something which we are all passionate about - our love of cars - of all types, sizes and shapes - something perhaps some people still need to learn.



The main attraction of the night most definitely was the duo Colin had brought along for folks to see – the 2014 BTCC BMW 1 series and McLaren MP4 GT3 Race cars. What more needs to be said about the BMW driven by the man himself – it was certainly a talking point and the one in which he won the 2014 BTCC championship in. Also it was amazing to see the Blancpain Endurance Series featured GT3, with its twin turbo V8 power unit. These are cars you most certainly won’t see at a local car gathering. Thanks Colin for letting us see these up close.


Car magazines ‘car of the decade for the 90’s’ showed up, and what a blast from the past it was - it harks back to an era where rude styling, huge arches and the infamous M3 inspired mirrors were all the rage, and nothing characterised this more than the dimma version. A car inspired by the Peugeot Dimma rally car brought a smile to many of the older ‘boy racers’ faces as they remembered the time when modifying was exactly that -not slamming a car on air with crazy offset wheels like many do today.

BMW E30 M3

Probably my all-time favourite non race car model from the BMW is undoubtedly the BMW M3 E30 and it never gets old seeing one, and not that you would see them often at all. The perfect lightweight 50:50 E30 dances on the roads and is the ultimate driving experience machine.


Keith from I Do Wedding Cars and Limo Hire brought along some of his fleet cars but none of them stole the limelight as obvious as his red 1967 Ford Mustang. The American Pony is a beautiful classic and probably the most iconic USA car. The 1967 version in particular was the most thought of version as the emission legislation implemented immediately after killed of the whole pony era making this one of the last true American muscle cars. Keith’s Mustang is equipped with gorgeous aftermarket parts and the interior is an outstanding place to be in.


Excuse, could you please tell me what this car is… no? Anybody? This amazing classic resembles an Alfa Romeo, maybe a Fiat, but hold on, what is happening with the rear axle: why is it so wide? I was absolutely blown away by this car. The body was made by no other than DAF; whereas the boring engine and running gear have been replaced with the much more modern MX5 donor car. The steering wheel and gearbox now almost reside at the back of the car, but my word I love it.


Minis are amazing. If you disagree with me, please never talk to me again.
This beautiful rally spec Mini certainly grabbed my attention. Rally cage, chrono watches, tools at the back and a spotlight on the roof – raw and amazing. I can only imagine the thrills these cars were able to give back in the ‘60ies on the icy mountain roads of Monte Carlo.

When humans come together, we are capable of unimaginable things. It was a superb night and to finish off I just wanted to say a huge thanks to the organisers - Turkington, I Do Wedding Cars, PSNI, CIP Insurance, MacMillan, all the food and trade stands and David, as well all that came to the event and volunteered on the night.


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