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19 Sep 2011

Kirkistown race circuit bike track day

Here are a few sample images from the Kirkistown race circuit bike track day, held on September 18. A massive turn out and absolutely stunning weather made the day. Hats down to all the riders and their skill level, I just admire your courage. Felt sorry for all the riders that crashed on that day. Wishing a quick recovery guys.
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11 Sep 2011

Croft Hill Climb 2011

Here is a small insight into Croft Hill Climb Event 2011 organized by TSCCNI Motor Club. Outstanding weather in the second part of the day, superb driving and well organized event, the best way to spend a weekend!
1) Car #120 - Seamus Morris - 32.63
2) Car #63 - George Stevenson - 35.13
3) Car #78 - Graham Thompson - 35.83

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