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20 Jan 2015

VW Karmann Ghia

VW Karmann Ghia

Karma What?

Text and photos: Reinis Babrovskis

If there was a car that really made an impression in Northern Ireland’s car scene in 2014 it certainly has to be Matt’s stunning 1972 VW Karmann Ghia. When the car made its debut entrance at the Loughgall Festival of Motorsport show there wasn’t a person left unimpressed. A huge crowd gathered round the impressive machine, including me. I remember somebody amongst the crowd asking “Is that a Porsche? No, it’s an Aston! - somebody answered”. There are not too many Karmann Ghias on these shores as you can imagine so unless you were born in the 50’s or heavily into the VW scene it is not a shame to admit you haven’t heard of this car before.

16 Jan 2015

Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R R35

Red Cars are Faster

Text and photos: Reinis Babrovskis

You have a track car? That’s cute… 
What do you think of a 1000hp “daily”? Yeah that’ right, this stunning Nissan GT-R has a pumping whopping 1000 horsepower heart under its bonnet while being used as a daily commuter for the last 4 years.