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2 Dec 2013


What did you say? A hairdresser's car? I doubt it. This stunning Audi TTRS is pumping out more than 410bhp from the 2.5 5 cylinder engine and can give a run for the money for the most macho orientated cars. The noise from the twin exhaust system once the sport button is pressed is just music to ears.

1 Dec 2013

Mercedes CLS 500 5.0V8

And what is your daily? This awesome Mercedes with its 5.0 V8 heart is the new daily driver for Ryan to get him around places in more comfort than his crazy Nissan S15 that I featured a while ago. As soon as the car was bought it was lowered and dressed in 20" shoes. Exhausts got a nice matte black respray, and other bits tidied up to look it smooth.

11 Nov 2013

Nissan Silvia PS13

Robert's JDM PS13

One of the most recognisable Japanese cars amongst the petrolhead society is bound to be the great Nissan Silvia. If you think of yourself as a car enthusiast you will have heard of this name before; it basically is the 911 of Japan. This is one of the longest running Japanese car models in the history, built from 1964–1968 and again from 1974–2002. There are so many variations of Silvia models that even for a heavy car enthusiast it might be a struggle to identify the exact model.

4 Nov 2013

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX GT Duo

The Beauty and the Beast

Text and photos: Reinis Babrovskis

I very rarely get scared in a car, but when you’re approaching a blind corner in a passenger seat at 100mph I did become a girl for a second – the car just attacks the corner, doesn’t move or twitch one bit, and I can exhale again… That is how mad these cars are, they scared me…

27 Oct 2013

Toyota Corolla AE86


Text and Photos: Reinis Babrovskis

I doubt there are any car enthusiasts left on the Planet that haven’t seen the Initial D anime or movie. If you haven’t – shame on you! The famous tofu delivery guy, Takuma Fujiwara, in his dad’s Hachi-Roku drifting round the mountainous hill roads of Japan. This car is a legend on its own and will live on forever with the amount of the followers this car has worldwide, and Chris from Northern Ireland is one of the biggest of them all.

3 Sep 2013

Antrim Car and Bike Show 2013

Antrim Car and Bike Show 2013
Words and Photos: Reinis Babrovskis
I've always been a supporter of charity events of any kind, but if it is a car related charity event – even better! And that is exactly why I packed my camera bag and attended the Antrim Car and Bike Show 2013.


2 Sep 2013

Evil Nissan S15

I have done photoshoots of a few gorgeous Nissan S15′s before, but when I was asked to do this shoot I knew that I was in for a serious treat. The noise that could be only described as a shot from a shotgun inches away your ears could be heard long before you could even see the car. This car spits foot long flames while doing 30mph in a city centre just for the sheer fun to scare grannies off the road. Once you see the heat pumping out from the vents, you know this car is running serious power, 550hp+ to be precise. 

30 Aug 2013


 There are many toys for big boys in the market, like Ariel Atom, KTM X Bow etc.; however, if you are more into the bikes, but don't fancy having a bike licence and prefer to be on more wheels that two, The Can-AM Spyder RSS is the exact thing for you. Manufactured by Bombardier Recreational Products in USA this three wheeled motorcycle, or as they classify it as a "roadster" uses a single wheel at the rear and two at the front. This roadster is real wheel driven and is similar to a modern snowmobile, using ATV-like chassis.
This bike is powered by BRP-Rotax 990 V-Twin engine producing 106bhp, using 5 semi-automatic gearbox and has extras like dynamic power steering, ABS and TCS.

29 Aug 2013

Todds Leap Ulster Rally 2013

Todds Leap Ulster Rally 2013

Another year, another Ulster Rally. This years rally took place on the narrow and fast flowing backroads of County Fermanagh. The format of the rally was 2 day event held on Friday/Saturday with 7 stages on Friday and 8 on Saturday.

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17 Aug 2013

Audi RS4

Recent photoshoot of a stunning Audi RS4

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10 Aug 2013

Lurgan Park Rally 2013

The picturesque lakeside arboretum of Lurgan Park, normally a sanctuary of tranquilly and respite from modern metropolitan living under went its yearly later-summer transformation into a high speed rally stage. The entry list was perhaps not as star-studded as previous years and suffered from late withdrawals of Derek McGarrity’s Ford Focus WRC and Eugene Donnelly in a Subaru Impreza S14 WRC. Nevertheless, 11 times winner, Kenny McKinstry was there to cement his reputation as the Park expert, whilst current Irish Tarmac Rally Championship leader, Garry Jennings a full-blown Impreza S12B WRC car at his disposal for the first time on the Park paths.

Other entries included a pair of JCW MINI WRC cars for Derek McGeehan and Alan Carmichael, a S9 Impreza WRC for Kevin Kelleher and Ray Brammer brought his S8 Impreza all the way from England to experience some park life. The father and son pairing of Denis and Stuart Biggerstaff had an Impreza WRC and MG Metro 6R4 in the line-up, whilst pick of the ever popular Ford Escorts belonged to Wesley Patterson and Frank Kelly.

The rally followed the usual format – a first stage dash through the trees and round the lake, repeated three times; a second, new stage, starting on gravel, run twice; and a final three sprints starting at the lake, weaving its way through the Park and finishing on the wide (by Lurgan Park standards) tarmac avenue. The key to success in Lurgan Park is a strong start. The short, sharp nature of the event means that every tenth of a second counts. Losing a second on a rival can be impossible to claw back. Garry Jennings knows this all too well and when he hit the lead on the first test of the day, there was very little chance of anyone reeling him back in. He dominated the event from start to finish and won at a canter.

Down the field, class battles raged.  Frank Kelly, in particular, set some blistering early times in his Escort, eclipsing his rivals and embarrassing some of the other, more advanced WRC machinery. Any hopes of a fine finish faded, when he lost ten seconds sliding into a bush on stage 3. Wesley Patterson seized the opportunity to take the class lead and it never left his grasp for the rest of the event.

Mark Massey took Group N honours from Andrew Mullen, both in Mitsubishi Lancers. The entertainer of the day proved to be Fermanagh man, Raymond Johnston. His Escort spent most to the day swinging its tail through the trees, like the happiest monkey in the rainforest. His spectacular sideways style was by no means the quickest, but every time he started a stage, the crowd were captivated.

As well as the rally action, the event was supported by a radio controlled car racing demonstrations, show car displays and some truly beautiful classic 70s and 80s rally cars from the Slowly Sideways stable.

Lurgan Park remains a highlight in the Irish rally calendar and opens the world of stage rallying to the wider public. However, the proliferation of barriers can prove to be an exceptional frustration for experienced fans seeking a decent vantage point.

Words by Christopher Andrews

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