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3 Sep 2013

Antrim Car and Bike Show 2013

Antrim Car and Bike Show 2013
Words and Photos: Reinis Babrovskis
I've always been a supporter of charity events of any kind, but if it is a car related charity event – even better! And that is exactly why I packed my camera bag and attended the Antrim Car and Bike Show 2013.


2 Sep 2013

Evil Nissan S15

I have done photoshoots of a few gorgeous Nissan S15′s before, but when I was asked to do this shoot I knew that I was in for a serious treat. The noise that could be only described as a shot from a shotgun inches away your ears could be heard long before you could even see the car. This car spits foot long flames while doing 30mph in a city centre just for the sheer fun to scare grannies off the road. Once you see the heat pumping out from the vents, you know this car is running serious power, 550hp+ to be precise.