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30 Jul 2014

Audi A5

Rollin’on the Twenties

Photos and Text: Reinis Babrovskis

We love our big weekend toys, but the reality is we can’t really live with them on a daily basis. No matter how big of petrol head one would be, asking a potential customer in his Armani custom tailored suit to climb into a bucket seat and strap themselves in the harnesses might not really be the best first impression. We all do need this one sensible car that does take us from A to B, and necessarily not sideways or under 4 seconds. When the sun is shining Conor gets the adrenaline fix from his stunning V6 facelift Honda NSX; however, when the dreadful Monday returns and it is time to face another nerve wrecking working week, he swaps the high revving and screaming beast to this calm, quiet and beautiful Audi A5.  

4 Jul 2014

Shelby Mustang GT500E - The Eleanor

Shelby Mustang GT500E


Text and Photos: Reinis Babrovskis

What is the greatest thing to come out from America? Is it McDonalds, Baseball, or maybe Elvis Presley? No! It’s their legendary American muscle cars.