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12 Sep 2016




Text and Photos: Reinis Babrovskis 

On a sunny Sunday morning hundreds of petrolheads sneaked out of their beds early to give their babies a quick wash and take them out to play. No, I am not talking about real kids – I am talking about proper V12, V8, in-line 6 or 4, turbocharged, supercharged or naturally aspirated babies. Destination – Down Royal Racecourse.

There is far too much pressure on organisers of car shows these days, as they have to please everybody with the choice of entry cars, trade stands, entertainment, catering, venue, trophies and so on.  Screw that, most of the time it will be impossible to please everybody anyway and all one gets in return is negativity. Sometimes we just need to take a few steps back and look at what is really important; and it seems the joint venture between Lisburn’s City Old Vehicle Club and TSCC nailed it: simple - ‘Cars & Coffee’, no rules, no restrictions, no limits. Simplicity wins complexity any day.

It wasn’t the first ‘Cars and Coffee’ event held by the two clubs; however, without a doubt it was their best one yet. Held in the usual spot – Lisburn’s “Royal Down Racecourse” it attracted unbelievable amount of motoring enthusiasts with some of the finest machinery that this island has to offer. 

If there is one word that can describe this weekend’s Cars and Coffee event it would be #diversity. I think we all have got tired of seeing the same old in same old car shows, but when you get a mixture of historic race cars, modern supercars, sport hatches and performance cars you didn’t even know existed one really can’t complain surely.

After grabbing a coffee and chatting to a few friends it was time to walk around and actually see what has been brought over. First stop Mark’s amazing Mercedes collection. Would you believe if I told you this classic car shares the same engine with the ultra-modern, ultra-futuristic Pagani Zonda hyper car? That’s right, this magnificent Mercedes Benz AMG V12 engine was built in limited numbers (less than 130 ever made) and was used in this AMG as well as the Pagani Zonda models. 

As always Andrew’s Momentum Motorsport Synergy V8 powered Subaru BRZ gathered round a fair crowd with everybody patiently waiting to hear this screaming engine starting. It is by far the most impressive and bonkers “wolf in sheep’s clothing” car on these shores in my opinion.

Another car that stood out was this thing, a VW Thing, no really, that is its name. The German cult 4 door 2 wheel drive convertible off-roader is an awesome vehicle that you don't get to see often on these shores, more the likes of California and Mexico.

I love American muscle cars, be it a replica or real deal, the AC Cobra is a stunning car and it never gets old seeing one. This beautiful AC screamed quality from every angle. 

Classic vs Modern

Whereas you prefer the modern or classic cars you cannot deny the motoring world was amazing back in the day. Whilst the Audi RS6 might just be the ultimate family car for any motoring enthusiast, the Audi Quattro was any men's dream already back in the 80ies.

Love it or hate it the BMW i8 certainly made an impact on the hybrid world delivering performance, technology and stunning looks. However, we cannot forget the amazing BMW M3 E30 Evo Sport that defined the true meaning of sports car in the 80ies.

Two completely different generations of Porsches - whilst nothing alike, they both are unique and amazing in their own ways.

Once everybody had walked around the show, had their morning coffee and chatted with friends, many of the cars left for the drive to meet up later in the Carrickfergus Castle.

It certainly was an amazing event and I am so looking forward to the next one in October 30.


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