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2 Sep 2013

Evil Nissan S15

I have done photoshoots of a few gorgeous Nissan S15′s before, but when I was asked to do this shoot I knew that I was in for a serious treat. The noise that could be only described as a shot from a shotgun inches away your ears could be heard long before you could even see the car. This car spits foot long flames while doing 30mph in a city centre just for the sheer fun to scare grannies off the road. Once you see the heat pumping out from the vents, you know this car is running serious power, 550hp+ to be precise. 

 After the owner, Ryan, got out of the car, I noticed a passenger strapped into the seat. With Sparco harnesses sitting on a bolster seat on top of a Bride bucket seat, it was Ryan’s 8 year old daughter. To my surprise this beast is used quite regularly and enjoyed by the whole family.
 Ryan has always preferred to see the road through his passenger window, so after owning a few AE86 Corollas, it had to be something similar, real wheel driven and more powerful to replace them with, so he settled for a S15 Silvia. A standard grey S15 was brought back from UK, but it didn’t take long before it was sent away for heart transplantation. After just one day of ownership the car was sitting in SDM Motorsports, where the car received some lovely pampering treatment. A RB25 engine along with all the other toys like Garrett GT35R turbo, Japspeed exhaust to make those lovely farts when downshifting, a massive K&N to let it breathe, and a Vipec ECU to control it all.

 While the car was injecting steroids and building muscles, Ryan was deciding on the design; although he confirmed that from day one he knew exactly how he wanted the car to look. Being a massive drift enthusiast, he spends a lot of time at drifting events and while attending one of them, his friend, Paul Conlon (now drifting in BDC) was drifting a red S15 with a Vertex kit, which he fell in love with. Not long after a kit was sourced and ordered from Australia. 
 With the body kit was traveling round the planet Ryan got down to choosing the wheels – they had to be Rota GTRs at 9.5” “I always thought they looked amazing on a 15”, he said. They received a lovely carbon treatment at his workshop – 3D Dip. Upon the arrival of the kit he tubbed the rear arches, fitted the body kit with a few modifications and painted the car in Renault white – the entire job was done by himself and with the help of Joe Doyle. Ryan adds, “the way the car stands now is the way I had always wanted it. I love the car; it’s such a pleasure to drive and turns head everywhere it goes! I didn’t build this car to sit and look pretty with loads if horse power, it gets driven for that is what it was built for. It puts a massive grin on my face as soon as I turn the key.”
 During the shoot I got to talk to his 8 year old daughter, that happens to own a stunning WRC Replica Subaru Impreza (as you normally do at that age) and I was surprised she knew more about cars than some of my friends! With a daddy who is a proper petrol head you kind of expect that. However he says, “If I come anywhere near high revs and the screamer pipe kicks in I get a look from her…”
 He admits in the end “There aren’t many cars on the road that would or could ever give me the satisfaction of owning other than this; it’s the whole package and one that I hope to enjoy and develop more and more”.
 So what’s next? Ryan is currently building a mental Mazda RX-7 that will be used for drifting so keep an eye out on www.reinisb.com for any updates on this!

 Technical Specs
  • Make
    • Nissan
  • Model
    • Silvia
  • Engine
    • 2.5 RB25 DET
    • Garrett GT35R Turbo
    • Greddy External Wastegate/Screamer Pipe
    • Custom Downpipe into Japspeed backbox
    • Greedy Inlet Manifold with Infiniti 100mm throttle body
    • Large K&N air filter
    • 3 layer metal head gasket
    • Split fire plugs
    • Vipec Engine Management ECU
    • Greddy gitial boost controller
    • Skyline large alloy intercooler and alloy radiator
  • Transmission
    • Z33 Gearbox
    • Kaaz 2 way diff
    • 4:1 LSD Differential
  • Chassis
    • HSD Drift coilovers and arms
    • 350Z Brembo front brakes
    • Skyline rear brake disc conversion with vertical handbrake
  • Wheels
    • Rota GTR alloys carbon dipped
  • Interior
    • Bride Low Max bucket seats
    • Spacro 5 point harnesses
    • OMP deep dish steering wheel
    • Carbon Dipped Interior
  • Exterior
    • Full Renault White respray
    • Full wide arched Vertex ridge body kit with modified petrol flap
    • Large carbon rear spoiler
    • Lower extension diffusers all round

     Words & Photos: Reinis Babrovskis

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