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5 Mar 2018




Text and Photos: Reinis Babrovskis 

If drivers bouncing off the rev limiter for 5 minutes, diffing, screaming stupid phrases like “vtec yo” and massive clouds of vape are annoying you, and put you off from going to car events - congratulations, you’re as old as me and can’t be bothered with that anymore either. Luckily for us there are much more relaxed, "gentlemanish" events out there for grumpy men like us: like one of the world’s most important motor shows – Salon international de l’automobile.
Jacket – check, tie – check, camera – check, Geneva here we go…

With the daylight braking through the clouds we landed at the Cointrin International airport in Geneva, Switzerland. A few hundred metres from where we touched down thousands of motoring journalists, photographers and petrol heads were impatiently waiting for the Palexpo exhibition centre doors to open for the annual Geneva International Motor Show.

As usual the Geneva international motor show had a lot in store: from releases of new supercars, performance hatchbacks, sports cars, luxury sedans, to latest EV and hybrid technology and concept cars, and worst part of it all - I only had one day to capture it all. There were countless cars on display covering thousands square foot of space in multiple halls and limited time so making sure I had a list of cars I wanted to see was the key to success.

 To make it harder - along the thousands of other motoring journalists battling for the best spot for the photos, I also had to compete with the mobile device mafia.

Anyway...first of all I’d like to express huge thanks to Yokohama and Kerr's Tires for the sponsorship.
Yokohama celebrated their 100 year anniversary in 2017 so their presence in the show was noticable. Yokohama also celebrated their recent partnership with the English Premier League’s Chelsea Football Club. To celebrate this they showcased “BluEarth-A AE50 CHELSEA FC EDITION,” - special show tire with the Chelsea FC logo on it.

But I wasn’t there to sit and relax; I was on a mission to see what the future car market had in store for us, walking more than 10 miles over the enormous show grounds in one day.

I was also gutted I didn't have enough time to enjoy all the entertainments and things Geneva car show had to offer.


Once thing I did notice; however, is that Geneva motor show is changing. What once used to be an all petrol exclusive paradise is dominated by by futuristic technology instead - the electric and concept vehicles have stolen the limelight. The automotive world is changing rapidly. Is it good or bad?

With the resources rapidly disapearing we do need alternatives, and it looks like the rest of the Europe is agreeing hence why the Geneva Motor show had everything you needed to know to learn about the latest technology in the industry.

And to be honest if electric vehicles actually do help in saving the planet and offer 0-60 times of sub 3 seconds and look as good as the ones bellow, ah well, let it be the future,I'll try to adopt.

However, Geneva is not about distant future only, it is about what also happens now, so let's look at what it had in store.


RUF CTR Yellow Bird

Probably the most impressive and one of the most anticipated car revivals of the history – the return of the glamorous and violent RUF CTR, also known as the Yellow Bird. Do you remember the video of an awkwardly dressed German man driving what seemed to be a vehicle designed by devil with intentions of killing you around the German green hell? Well exactly 30 years later the RUF CTR Yellowbird is reborn. Built from ground up this new RUF offers mind-blowing performance and can be yours at 750, 000 euros (+ VAT), but hurry only 30 of them were built.



Obviously it had to be the Liberty Walk. Once does not simply chop up the world's finest machinery and doesn't get noticed. And I am so glad that finally Liberty Walk are displaying their work in one of the world's most prestigious motor shows.


Here are some of the most impressive headliners from the 2017 Geneva’s motor show:












Aston Martin Valkyrie

Bentley Flying Spur limo & The custom-built Bentayga Mulliner SUV & EXP 12

Porsche 911 GT3

Range Rover Velar

AUDI Q8 Sport Concept hybrid SU, RS3 & RS5 coupe

MERCEDES BENZ G650 Landaulet

Lexus LS500 sedan hybrid

Renault Trezor EV concept


Peugeot Instinct Concept

Volvo XC60 crossover

VW Arteon

Jaguar I-PACE EV 

Infiniti Q60 Project Black S

Ford Fiesta ST , GT40

Honda Civic Type R

Subaru XV Ccrosstrek

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross CUV 


Alpine Apline A110


Toyota, Citroen, Hyundai WRC 

It seems the latest generation of WRC cars (2017-2018 season) have gone back to the majestic Group B era styling and madness, and Toyota Yaris in my opinion is the most mean looking one out of the bunch.

Toyota 2000GT

Most beautiful cars every built? I am certain cars like Ferrari 250GTO, Jaguar E-Type and Aston Martin DB6 would be the first ones to be coming to one’s mind, but for me one of the most iconic cars ever built was the Toyota 2000GT; a truly amazing sports grand tourer with astonishing looks and performance.

The 87th Geneva motor show was as impressive as ever and I am looking forward what the 2018 one has in store as it opens the doors today.

Special thanks to Yokohama and Kerr’s Tires.

Bonus Images:

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