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15 Jan 2018

Honda S2000



Text and Photos: Reinis Babrovskis

Lukasz Honda S2000 is one of the finest modified Honda examples to be found in Ireland and his dedication to chase perfection really shows throughout the entire build. Despite the cold weather and lack of sunshine here on the Irish island he insisted on getting a convertible and there was no better "top down" experience than that of a Honda S2000.

Cars really unite people, I've made loads of friends over the years here in the car world, but I have gained 3 very special friends thanks to the S2000 world in particular. Each year the S2K club holds a gathering and a couple of years ago they decided to host it right here in Northern Ireland; I decided to attend it and this is were I met Tim, Louie and Lukasz. All of them were rocking completely different and amazing modified S2000 examples. In the car world that means - do you want to be best friends? :)

Tim's S2000 is purple low and in your face!

Louie' S2000 is very JDM and clean.

My S2000 is all about subtle and JDM.

So now then: Lukas'z S2000

[WHY S2000]

After having sold the Honda Integra DC5 Lukasz wanted to continue with the JDM route, but was more interested in a boosted car this time, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X in particular, sadly the insurance companies had a different take on that. Once the Evo dream was crushed he decided to return to the Honda brand. Lukasz had all intentions of flying over to UK to find the best example possible; however, whilst shopping in Dublin he spotted an immaculate 2008 Honda S2000 AP1 for sale, it had 1 owner from new and less than 20 thousand kilometres under the belt. Rest was obvious.


I will never understand why people build beautiful cars just to garage them and never enjoy them, so I am glad Lukasz wasn’t one of them; his S2000 did get used properly as he tells himself: “trip to Poland for Raceism 2016 was one of my life goals;  2,500KM drive one way just to attend a car show for some people sounds like madness, but for me it was the dream." 

"We planned this trip couple months before with my friend Marcin who also did the trip with me in his Nissan GTR R34, it was fun but also exhausting especially with our loud exhausts and drones blocking our ears. Over 25 hours drive with couple stops still brought alot of fun and best memories. Besides Raceism we also stopped for VAG Event in Zerkow close to Poznan as a guests in our Jap Cars. I must say one of best shows i ever attended to. Pure chillout comparing to all other shows, only people attanting for it could stay in the resort, enjoy 30*C+ open swimmin gpools, live music, BBQ and more - it was speechless 🙂".


As for the looks Lukasz knew clearly the style he was after and the exterior was sorted within couple of months. He installed an OEM front splitter (a must for the S2000), APR front carbon splitter underneath that and Mazda RX-7 carbon side skirts. To help with the looks and downforce at the rear of the vehicle he opted for the Voltex double carbon rear diffuser and the APR GTC wing.

I’d believe that most of us would agree that the interior of the Honda S2000 is beautiful, and requires very little to make it more special. To make it a bit more custom for the shows Lukasz decided to swap the standard leather seats with the amazing Bride Brix II in black leather seats with red stitching.


The Honda S2000 is powered by one of the most magnificent engines ever made by humankind. The 2.0 litre naturally aspirated engine, codename F20C screams all the way to astonishing 9 thousand RPM and held a record for the most horsepower per litre from a naturally aspirated engine for a very long time until the Ferrari 458 broke it.

The F20 produced 236 horsepower from factory that even for modern standards was enough for a real wheel drive lightweight sports car. As with any engine it could benefit from some further upgrades and that is exactly what Lukasz did first by changing the manifold, cat and exhaust. He opted for skunk2 header, berk high flow cat and the super loud Invidia Q300 twin exit exhaust system. To help with the cold air intake he installed the beautiful Password JDM carbon cold air intake with the K&N Filter.

The combo of all this resulted in a majestic soundtrack that could however make your ears blead on a longer run. The engine also received some minor dress up mods like the AlStars Carbon Hood dampers and Mugen resistor socks.

The engine is linked to one of the finest 6 speed gearboxes engineered. The short shift box is a pleasure to use and really enhances the driving experience.

Wheels and Suspension:

Lukasz opted for the classic combination of JDM and Work Meisters S1, it is a partnership that will go down well with any petrolhead. With the looks in mind he wanted the most aggressive and widest setup he could pull off without doing a major arch upgrade. The Meisters, sitting 9J at the front and 10 at the rear do look awesome.

When choosing the right suspension setup Lukasz had his eyes on one thing, and one thing only - air. He had a road trip on the books (that he ended up doing in 2016) to the Raceism event in Poland and he knew it meant driving 2500km on bumpy European roads; air suspension was the only choice. He opted for the AirRex air suspension that is managed by the Airlift 3P.

To finish of the nice look and also help with the stopping power Lukasz installed C-Hook MTEC Discs and Brembo pads.

Sadly in January 2018 Lukasz decided it was time to part with the car and it was returned to a factory spec and will be up for sale shortly. Happy four friends no more… But we all know whatever he will get next it will be as exciting and tastefully executed as S2000.



Honda S2000


F20 2.0L V-TEC
Password JDM Carbon Cold Air Intake w K&N Filter
Skunk 2 4-2-1 Alpha Megapower Header Wrapped in titanium
Berk High Flow Car 70mm
Invidia Q300 twin exhaust system


AirRex Air Suspension
Airlift 3P Management
BLOX Driveshaft spacers

C-Hook MTEC Discs
Brembo pads


AP2 OEM splitter
APR Front Carbon Splitter
Voltex Double Carbon rear diffuser
RX-7 Carbon side skirts
APR GTC-200 wing + 2.5” spacers


Work Meister S1 3P /9J Front 10J Rear


Bride Brix II Black Leather with Red stitching

AlStars Carbon Hood dampers
Mugen resistor socks

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