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25 Jun 2017

Limitless 2017



Text and Photos: Reinis Babrovskis

The car-show seasons in Ireland are very impressive, with lots of new shows being announced annually. One of these newcomers for the 2017 season was the “Limitless” car show held on the grounds of Kirkistown racing circuit located in Kircubbin, Northern Ireland. It combined a traditional show with a track day, so how did it do?

The turnout mightn't be as big as the organisers hoped for sadly, but the atmosphere made up for it. What was the reason behind the small numbers, well my guess would be- the Irish car show season might have become too compact. Far too many shows for the short Irish summer and not enough new cars built in this relatively small island. But saying that, I attempt to attend as many events as I can, for no longer I do that for the cars alone, I visit the shows to see my petrolhead friends. And going by this attitude, I had a great time, thanks.

One really couldn't complain about the quality of the vehicles present at Limitless either. Despite the small numbers there were plenty of high quality German, Japanese and French motors.

One of the largest issues with car shows in Ireland is the outdoor venues - being so dependent on a great weather as it either makes or brakes a show instantly. Luckily the weather was on our side this time. On another note, if you are not a photographer, the show can really been walked around in a couple of hours, so being trapped in for the rest of the day without a BBQ weather is quite off-putting so having other activities is a bonus, and this is where the combination of a track day and a show really came in handy. Even though it is not the first nor last show to offer this it really was a great addition to the Limitless show.

Kirkistown race track is easily accessed from any town and city in Northern Ireland and offers an easy driving experience for novices with relatively simple track layout.

The queues never stopped all day, and there were cars attacking the circuit throughout the day so nobody was bored.

One of the eye-candies on the day on the track arrived on the back of Momentum Motorsports lorry. The leading Northern Ireland's tuning garage located in Lisburn, Northern Ireland arrived with just one vehicle this time but it was rather special.

It was Andrew's Momentum Motorsport prepared Subaru BRZ featuring the almighty, screaming V8 2.4 litre Synergy engine. I did a feature on this car once it was built and if you want to read more about it please click HERE.

Andrew admitted the car still needs tweaking to make it perfect for the track, as the car did still try to kill him, but every time I saw the BRZ sideways the smiles filled the car anyways.

Along the BRZ there were still many amazing cars on the track - from 1000hp GTR to completly stock Mazda 3, everybody had a chance to have some fun for a very cheap price.

Another issue with car shows as I've said in the past is the judging - you'll never please everybody and we all think our cars are the best, and judging best mates cars is tough, so I do believe to enjoy the car show best just ignore the winners and chose your own. So my favourites (amongst a lot of others I would like to mention) were: 


Mark's latest masterpiece - slammed, flared Subaru WRX wagon. The quality of his craftmanship knows no boundaries and any vehile Mark takes on ends up looking spectacular. His scooby really did take some skill to make as none of the parts are off the shelf.



This rather special MX-5 race car was tearing up the rear tires all day, and the custom work done to this car is really amazing. Despite it actually not being in the show as such I think it deserved an award for the bonkers project.


Yes, yes it is a Juke, but... It is an amazing juke. It is not packing Rotiforms nor it is slammed, but the amount of quality JDM parts on it is unbelievable. A set of tasty JDM goodies can make any vehicle superb. Well done to the owner KC Wong. Since the Limitless show the Nismo Juke has been upgraded to a set of lovely Einkei wheels and now looks even more impressive.


In a world where all Honda cars are associated with rice and boys in gangsta caps and McKenzie outfits it is nice every now and then somebody comes along with a tasty, modified Honda. This stunning midnight purple DC2 is a prime example a classic Honda still can look amazing and turn heads. I love it.


Well there is nothing more to add regarding Petter's TT - it has won many shows before, and will win many more. Just like Mark, Petter is a man of many talents and can be one of the rare few that can actually say "Built not Bought." For that alone it will always deserve a Top 10 prize in my eyes, beautiful car.



And another MX-5, this time a bit different from the race car above, but nonetheless it is amazing in many other ways. Jonathan has really turned this vehicle into something on his own whilst using beautiful and tasty parts. And yes, he is still driving it static, how I do not know. You gotta ask the man himself.



Less is more, it really is. The Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ is a beautiful car from factory and it really needs minimal touches to make it perfect. And this particular example is done to perfection in my eyes. Hence why in my top 10.


Lakeland Tyres rally inspired Yaris has been turning heads since the days it started rolling around the Irish roads. I really think it is time it deserves a mention and a top 10 status. Me likey.



Being a jap-head for me it would be impossible to judge a dubbers event; however, to me this MK2 was rather special and deserves a spot in my top 10.



Simon knows how to build an amazing race car. Having built an then sold an amazing Opel Manta in the past, he swiftly moved on to the next project - a Porsche 944 turbo. The car yet again is finished to perfection and after having raced it round the circuits and hill climbs, I must beg you Simon, put it away - it belongs in shows now, not tracks. It is too good for it. I love it.


This pretty spectacular vehicle was also built by Momentum Motorsport and owned by Andrew for quite some time before it was sold on this year. This R35 is packing any Litchfield upgrade known to man and producing more than 1000 horsepower. It also tried to bite the new owner a few times on the track which I am sure was a bit hairy.

All in it was a great show with superb idea behind it and I really hope it returns next year again!


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