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16 May 2017

Loughgall Festival of Motorsport 2017



Text and Photos: Reinis Babrovskis

I have always been a huge fan of Loughghall Festival of Motorsport and yet again it didn't disappoint this year. Held in the beautiful park of Loughgall and blessed by a good weather it was attended by many spectators, amazing cars and as always entertained by loads of rally vehicles.

What really makes Loughgall so special is the selection of very rare and classic vehicles that would otherwise never been seen in other shows. From historic rally cars, old school Porsches and Minis to modern vehicles; the show really satisfies any car enthusiast eye taste buds.

As usual the forest lanes came alive with loads of motorsport vehicles ripping the black tarmac to pieces. Whilst having conversations with friends on the show and shine area every now and then the conversation stopped dead to listen the beautiful single seater screams or Pinto engine echoing through the forest.

But let's not forget an integral part of this show either: "the show and shine". A car show that is judged based on your car paintwork, wheels, the almighty shine, so of course a lot of people spent all day polishing their vehicle, I was one of them until I stopped and though about it for a while...

How can you really do a show and shine when you live in Northern Ireland? How can you arrive at a show that is miles away from your house, whilst driving on backroads, grass and expect it to be immaculate? If there is no car wash on the premises, are you supposed to drag that muck away on the paint? Hmm... It might work for cars that are trailed there, or for shows held in Vegas, but you know what, for here I'll stick to arrive and enjoy the show and friends around, so soon after I gave up the detailing.

So I got back to what I really want from a car show - enjoy the cars there and I couldn't care less if they had a spot of dirt. And really how can you compete to cars that were there anyway - just look at this marvelous Jaguar E-Type basking in the sunshine.

The funny thing is - even though we all might like our own things, the generations actually never change. We all like cars at the end of the day!

And since this year we were honoured to have a company of a Sun, a lot of people had the right idea - chill and have a BBQ.

I really have changed my mindset of car shows this year. I really have regained a love for them - just don't stress, enjoy the drive there, the friends and the amazing atmosphere.

I really didn't focus on all the winners this year, but congrats to all that won.

So instead I'll make a list of cars that I stopped at and thought deserve a mention.


This beautiful racecar Mini caught my eye not only due to it's marvelous engine and rest of quality work done on it, but the weird arches and castrol headlights really made me smile

Ford Transit

If you consider yourself a rally fan, this car doesn't require any explanations why it is amazing.

Honda Civic EP3 

Well you either love Hondas, or think of them as a boy racer car where gear changes are done after the limiter has sang for minimum of 10 seconds; but a turbocharged EP3 - I think we will all agree is epic. This little gem has it's bonnet opened just a tiny bit so we could all have a sneak peak of what this car is punching in it's heart.

Ford Focus RS MK1

This little car has finally reach the classic status it deserved, and has become a rare sight on our roads. This example was the full package - stunning looks and power to match.

Ford Escort Wagon

Is there anything cooler than the Ford Escort - yes the Ford Escort Wagon.

Nissan Skyline R34 4-Door

Just like the car above, being different is always a way to be awesome, luckily Nissan realised that and did release a limited number of 4-door R34s and they were epic.


Why oh why we never see car designers anymore come up with anything bonkers as this - quad exhausts, silly wide arches, a car that really has the most ridiculous engine for it's size? This was the winning formula for me and still is.

Honda Civic Type-R FK2

You know what - one manufacturer did. But people didn't get it. I really hope this generation of civic will be understood better with years to come, when all of us will drive self driven EV vehicles and we will appreciate Honda's efforts to save the bonkers. I love it.

To be fair I could go on for hours, and mention nearly all cars present there as every single one of them was worth a mention, but as always let the pictures speak a thousand words, and chose your own favourites.

I really look forward to next year's event and guess what - yet again I will enjoy the drive there, the perfect Irish backroads, the amazing people who host and run these shows and the amazing fellow petrolheads. Loughgall Festival of Motorsport - Thank you!