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1 Jun 2016

All Italian Car Show 2016



Text and Photos: Reinis Babrovskis

If there is one show that has established a great reputation over here, it is the All Italian Car Show organised by NIIMC. The show returned for the 5th time and continued the trend of the sunny weather and great atmosphere. It was bigger and better than ever before with a huge variety from classics to modern super cars.
The show as always was held at the Lisburn Civic Centre on the last weekend of may. With the amazing summer heat wave currently in Ireland the tops came off and a huge crowd started to gather from 9AM. 

The atmosphere as always was very relaxed and chilled, quite opposite to the real Italian temperament. The car owners are very friendly and everybody had a chance to witness some of the Italian finest up close and personal as well as hear some of the best engine noises known to man ears.

Why do we love the Italian cars so much? Simple - their attention to detail is beyond any German, Japanese or American manufacturer capabilities. Every dial, gauge is a masterpiece, a work of art. It is a known fact that cars nowadays are boring, plain and only the few dare to stand out; whereas, Italians have always went overboard and it worked. Be it a classic daily or hyper sports car - they all got a touch of madness in them. And colour for madness - red.

Don't get me wrong - the magnificent design didn't just stop with the interior. The Italians were also keen to make the exterior a beautiful picture to look at - from crazy wheels, to stranger lights and mad spoilers, it is all there.

And let's not ignore the main reason we love the Italians - their supercars and bikes are like no other. We were spoilt for choice on the day - from Ferrari to Lamborghini; and better yet - there were a few other cars that managed to sneak in pretending to be Italians, making the show even more versatile. I like it.

We cannot talk about Italian Cars but not mention the most important one of them all - the all mighty Fiat 500. The 500, just like the British icon - Mini, is a car that will appeal to any proper motoring enthusiast; be it the classic or the modern.


For many, including me, the biggest attraction of the day obviously was Nigel's stunning Aventador SV LP750-4. This car emits "awesomness" through every detail. Costing at whopping £315,078 this Italian super-car is a rare sight on the roads, and being able to witness one, hear it and see it drive was a great experience for many. The Aventador will do 0-60mph in just 2.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 217mph. 


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  1. I have never attended the All Italian Car Show, but I am glad you had a great time. The Italian cars definitely look amazing, and I am envious that you were able to see them up close. It is good that they showcase more than just the Italian cars. I would love to see the Fiat 500 motorcycle in person.