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27 Apr 2016

50Cal, Ilovebass & Arez Air Pre Summer BBQ

50Cal, Ilovebass & Arez Air Presents - Pre Summer BBQ

We don't need no water let the m*#?£"**&}#r burn! 

Text and Photos: Reinis Babrovskis

A bunch of friendly folks enjoying a good banter, a tasty burger whilst surrounded by nice cars - is that the perfect recipe for a great day out - hell yes! Northern Irish car care and detailing product manufacturer 50cal along with the automotive social club Ilovebass and air suspension system install company Arezair threw a pre summer BBQ on Sunday the 24th April.

Following the Harmony Hill show on Saturday I expected the turnout to be quite small; however, it seemed I was not the only person that was going to miss out on a free bbq cooked by David & Co. and a great day of banter. Despite the BBQ kicking off at 12 many keen bbq'ers were arriving there as early as 11.

David from 50cal was on the duty of cooking (posing for photos) and hands down they were amazing. Thanks. If you haven't heard of the company yet, please go check out their page:


Ilovebass, on the other hand, were entertaining their crowds.
To check the video from the guys please click HERE.

As usual the Northern Irish car scene never seizes to surprise me as the turnout was amazing as was the variety of the cars there. From classics, modern cars to Supercars.

Battle of the TTs - both Michael's and Peter's TT look amazing.

And even though everybody was on their best behavior during the day, when the odd time a car or two did let the cars sing, the best music to my ears was from the gorgeous Maserati and the V8 hiding under the Chevy pick up truck.

This was the very first time I saw Paul's 1957 Chevy running a gorgeous polished big block in person, and my word it is stunning. The gorgeous red paint goes perfect along the polished American Racing wheels and wooden trim. The noise of this car made I'd say made a few boys jealous.

Another car that I really enjoyed was this simple, yet very effective urban cruiser - VW Up!

And how can I not mention Tom's elegant EG.

All in it was amazing day and the event went on for much longer than anybody expected. Thanks to all involved.


You don't see these often anymore, not in this condition anyway
One of Japan's finest
The car is low and owner is Filipino - Simples
Taps aaaf weather
This lovely dog stole the show
Shane's Civic is finally running air
One eyed pirate
Glanza done right
White on gold - great combo
One of the best looking GT86 on these shores without a doubt
Who invited the German?
VX220 still looks amazing even being 16 years old design

I really hope this is not the only BBQ the guys at 50cal will organise this year as it certainly was a great event, dare I say even better than some of the local shows.

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