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29 Oct 2015

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX

The Perfect EVO

Text: Patrick McCullagh
Photos: Reinis Babrovskis

It’s no secret that I love the Lancer Evolution. To be honest I don’t think you could call yourself a true petrolhead and in the same breath say that you “don’t like the Evo” as it’s such a great car even in standard form. “Standard form” is something that can only really be said once when talking about Eddie McConville’s gorgeous Lancer Evolution – the “tech Spec” for this car is quite something. Normally I would run down through the parts this car has through the article but there is WAY too much to actually mention. Make sure you check out the full spec at the end of the article.

Eddie has been a long time Mitsubishi Lancer fan and indeed his first love was the EvolutionVI but in trying to buy one he could never find one that fitted the bill. At this point Eddie went to the darkside and bought an Impreza STi which done the job for a number of years. After that, a brief fling with a Lamborghini Orange TVR Sagaris and a Porsche 996 GT3 (neither of which particularly stoked the fire) led him back home…
After joining up on the MLR (Mitsubishi Lancer Register – the home of all things Lancer Evo) it wasn’t long before he had spotted the beauty above. Only 4000 miles and located in N. Ireland it seemed like we where about to land on Cloud 9. It wasn’t long before a test drive was completed and Eddie was the proud new owner of a IX. 

I won’t be modifying this one as much” – the famous last words of any petrolhead and in fairness if you take this as gospel from any car enthusiast you really are having yourself on. Indeed this car has had two phases when the car was running 500-520bhp but, apparently, that became a tad boring! Now we are here and a spec list longer than a giraffe’s neck!

The performance of the Evo was fine but Eddie had a few concerns about minor niggles and wanted to sort that. That’s where IndigoGT came in and a new era for the IX was born! Ant flew over and completed a tune on the car making it come alive again. Over the following winter Eddie’s mind got churning again with thoughts of doing more..
Before you knew it the engine was out and on its way to the mainland for a refresh and rebuild and you guessed it, Ant and IndigoGT were going to be involved.
Sooooooo, with the engine out… what can we do now? Ah yes, the exterior!! Eddie decided to go the full hog and have the car repainted as he noted the paint on Lancers can be quite thin. An additional big change would be the carbon roof skin that is now installed and in true O.C.D fashion, because the Vortex Generator carbon’s weave was running against the roofs what happens? You get the company who handles Mitsubishi UK’s Carbon needs to make you one that runs the correct way… INSANE!
AG Automotive are the guys behind the new paint work and, having seen their work on other cars, Eddie was in no doubt on using them for his car. My own personal taste for an Evolution is usually white but it’s very hard to argue about this red. Before too long the engine was back in and in Eddie’s own words “it’s been amazing and a total joy to drive”. Indigo GT had woven some magic into the Evo IX and Eddie was left with what was and is his dream car…. now firmly sitting aloft on cloud 9. I have to say I am rather envious and check out that tech spec at the bottom of the page folks because 1) it took ages to write and 2) it’s simply mouth watering!

You really have to admire Eddie’s dedication to this car and his approach. Bucket’s of love and attention and the odd £ here and there and it looks amazing and no doubt goes like “stuff off a shovel”.


  • Mitsubishi
  • Lancer Evolution IX
·  Engine
  • 2.0 Mivec Forged internals
  • Vipec V88 Pnp ECU with Anti-Lag
  • Launch Control
  • AMS Polished GT3076r Turbo Kit
  • AMS Polished Race Intercooler
  • AMS Polished VSR Inlet Manifold
  • AMS/Moroso Wet Sump
  • Custom made Spec-R 3″ Top Intercooler Pipe (Crackle Black)
  • Custom made SPec-R 4″ Intake Pipe (Crackle Black)
  • Large K&N Filter
  • Tial Blow Off Valve
  • Tial 38mm Wastegate
  • Exedy Twin Plate Clutch
  • Je High Compression Pistons (9:2:1)
  • Crower Pro I-Beam Billet Rods
  • Balancer Shaft Removed
  • Fluidampr Crank Pulley
  • ARP Main studs and Head Studs
  • ACL Race Spec Mains & Big Head Bearings
  • Rosssport Lash Adjusters
  • Kiggly Hla Pressure Regulator
  • Gsc S2 Mivec Camshafts
  • Stage 3 Ported and Polished head
  • Brian Crower Titanium Valve Spring and Retainers
  • Cosworth Headgasket
  • HKS Vernier Exhaust Pulley
  • High Flow Oil Pump
  • ID 1000cc Injectors
  • AMS 1000bhp Fuel System
  • Samco Black Hose 4mm
  • Ralliart Thermostat
  • Aeromotive Stealth 340 Intake Fuel Pump
  • Polished one off Spec-R Boot mounted Swirl Pot
  • Pre-Preg Carbon Base for Fuel Filter and Pump
  • Boot mounted Bosch 044 Fuel Pump
  • Boot mounted Sytec Fuel Filter
  • Braided Teflon Fuel Lines
  • Sparktech Pro 12 CDI
  • Sparktech Top Plate (Crackle Black)
  • Buschur Racing Shifter Base Bushings
  • Buschur Racing Shifter Bushings
  • Black Ralliart Brake Stopper
  • Custom made Pre-Preg Carbon Fibre Airbox Inclosure
  • MINES VX Pro 3.5″ Titanium Exhaust
  • Magnex De-Cat Pipe Wrapped in Titanium Heat Wrap
  • AMS Downpipe Wrapped in Titanium Heat Wrap
  • AMS Race Battery kit modified to hold the Sparktech CDI Box
  • Evo VI Black Samco Top Radiator Hose
  • Evo IX Black Samco Bottom Radiator Hose
  • Evo VI Koyo Radiator
  • Red Mivec Rocker Cover
  • AN-6 Fittings on Rocker Cover
  • Custom made Titanium Cam Sensor Cover
  • Frontline Fabrication Machined Dipstick handle
  • Buschur Racing Dipstick Retention Spring
  • Frontline Fabrication Machined Cam Angle Sensor
  • Air Con Removed
  • HKS Oil and Radiator Caps
  • Carbing Craft Carbon Cam Gear Cover
  • Kansai Carbon Fibre Cooling Plate
  • Torque Solution Engine and Gearbox Mounts
  • Torque Solution Exhaust and Propshaft Mounts
  • Spec-R Coolant/Overflow Tank
  • Spec-R Radiator Brackets
  • Spec-R PAS tank with -8/-10 Fitting and Braided Hoses
  • HEL Performance10 Row PAS cooler with 8 Fittings with Braided Lines
  • Mishimoto 24 Row Evo Oil Cooler Kit
  • Murray Clamps on all rubber hoses
  • Pro Bolt Race Spec Bolts throughout engine bay
·  Transmission
  • Evo IX RS Rear Differential
·  Chassis
  • Ohlins DFV Suspension
  • Suspension Corner Weighted
  • Da-Luck Side Mounted Under Chassis Braces
  • Tannabe Middle H Chassis Brace
  • Kansai Limited Edition Front Strut Brace and Bolts
  • Beatrush Rear Strut Brace
  • AMS Lightweight Front Crossmember
  • Whiteline Roll Centre Kit
  • SuperPro 24mm Rear ARB
  • Custom made Front Bumper Brace
  • AMS Moustache Bar Eliminator
  • ACD Transfer Box
  • Ian Cuddy modified AYC pump
  • AP Racing Front & Rear Calipers
  • AP Racing 362mm Front Grooved Discs
  • Rear Grooved Discs to match the front AP Racing items
  • Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads Front and Rear
  • Goodridge Braided Brake Lines Front and Rear
·  Wheels
  • 18×9.5 VOLK Racing Ce28n
  • Limited Edition VOLK Racing Low Centre Caps
  • PowerhouseAmuse 64 Titanium Lugnuts
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 2 (255/35/18)
·  Interior
  • Bride Japan Black Alcantara Seats
  • Bride Subframes
  • Varis Carbon Gearknob
  • Ralliart Gear Surround
  • Ralliart Evolution floor mats
  • Zoom Full Carbon Rear View Mirror
  • Genuine Mitsubishi Carbon window Switch surrounds
  • Genuine Mitsubishi Carbon Kick Plate Covers
  • Genuine Mitsubishi Carbon Handbrake Handle
  • Coltspeed Carbon Effect Shifter Boot
  • MonsterSport Single 60mm A-Pillar Pod
  • 1-Off Custom Radio Surround
  • Carbon Sterring Wheel Cover
  • 4 DEFI Gauges (Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Boost & Exhaust temp)
  • DEFI Link Controller Unit 2
  • Vent Pod for HKS EVC 6 Boost Controller
  • Blitz Turbo Timer
  • Carbon Armrest
  • Knock Link Built into Cluster Surround
  • AEM AFRGauge Installed inside the Gauge Cluster
  • JT Innovations Shift Light
  • BOSE Speakers
·  Exterior
  • Evo XI Ralliart Carbon Fibre front lip spoiler
  • Evo VIII MR Headlights & Rear Lights
  • Foglight Removed from the rear bumper
  • Rallytech WRC Carbon Mirrors
  • Genuine Mitsubishi Carbon B-Pillar Covers
  • Genuine Mitsubishi Carbon Side Skirt Extensions
  • Genuine Mitsubishi Wind Deflectors
  • Varis Full Carbon Euro Wing setup (Carbon bases and stands)
  • Varis V2 Carbon Diffuser and Side Wings
  • Varis Carbon Exhaust Surround
  • Carbongoodies Full Carbon MR Roof
  • Mitsubishi UK Custom Made Carbon Fibre Vertex Generator
  • Chargespeed Carbon Bonnet Vent
  • Ralliart Under Bonnet Vent
  • Carbon Fibre Mudflaps
  • Carbon Front License Plate Holder
  • Blacked Out side indicators
  • Perrins Short Aerial
  • Rear Privacy Glass


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