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31 May 2015

All Ireland Italian Motor Event 2015

All Ireland Italian Motor Event 2015

Questo è bello

Text and Photos:Reinis Babrovskis

Questo è uno dei migliori spettacoli di auto nel paese. Quite literally - the "All Ireland Italian Motor Event" is certainly of the finest automotive events in the country. Despite clashing with multiple other motoring events on the day, as well as the Irish Open, the Lisburn Civic Centre was full with the finest Italian vehicles and spectators alike.
The 2015 Italian Car festival returned to Lisburn on Saturday 30th May. From 10AM cars and bikes from all eras and styles started to fill the car park across the Civic Centre to share the passion and love for the world's finest car manufacturing countries legacies.
Since the Northern Ireland Italian Owner's Club welcomes anybody, there were a couple of "foreigners" hiding amongst the Italians on the day, including a magnificent British Jaguar E-Type, Japanese classic supercar - Honda NSX and a handful of German Porkers.
Why did the Italians gain such a prestigious reputation and followers like no other car manufacturing country? Because Italy takes high pride in anything they do or create; their food is like no other, their designers are the best in the world and their cars are magnificent. Every smallest detail be it a mirror, a badge or steering wheel is a piece of art. The cars are designed to be enjoyed and not used to get one from point A to point B. This is the reason why so many of classic Italian cars were convertibles.Their engines are as inspiring as is their designs. A perfect combination of spectacular design and powerful engine made these cars dominate the world car market.
And yes while many will relate to Ferrari, Lamborghini or Pagani when the Italian vehicles will be mentioned, there were in fact hundreds of other striking Italian cars designed and produced for the ordinary consumers. From the one of the finest classics of the world - Fiat 500, to Alfa Romeo Giulietta and many others - these are the never forgotten classics that could be seen on the day.
Fiat Uno Turbo - such a timeless classic. Weighing only 845kg and equipped with the 1.3 turbo powered engine this sporty hatch was capable of reaching 120mph back in 1985, when the first of them left the Italian factory.
Italian cars and bikes have made a huge impact in the motorsport history - dominating the F1, LeMans and many other motorsport events. It was Rally in particular in the 1980s when Lancia dominated the events with their Stratos model. The success continued all the way to the 90's when the Integrale was battling it out with the likes of Subaru Impreza and Ford Sierra Cosworth. There were a few of the racing pedigree vehicles on display on the day.

Carlo Abarth, born in the sign of Scorpio, was an Italian (originally from Austria) automotive designer, race team owner and a race driver. He changed ordinary vehicles into proper sports cars. His name is certainly up with the great names like Enzo Ferrari, or Ferrucio Lamborghini.
His legacy continues on with his name and zodiac sign proudly being attached on the sporty versions of the Fiat models. There are four Abarth models int he current Fiat line up - 500 Abarth, 500C, Punto Abarth Evo and the latest 695.
695 Bipospo is regarded as the world's smallest supercar. With the precise handling, 0-60 time of 5.9 seconds and race car interior it was an instant hit by the Italian car lovers.
Another car that impressed everybody was the beautiful Alfa 4C. The 237bhp go-kart weighs less than 900kg thanks to the carbon-fibre monocoque chassis. It is equipped with a 1,75l turbocharged engine and paired with a twin-clutch automatic gearbox. Finished in pearlscent white this car looked amazing.
Italy is also a manufacturer of superb bikes. There was a great variety on the day.
The show never fails to impress. The stunning Italian cars and bikes combined with a friendly bunch of enthusiasts and nice weather is always a recipe for success. I will be looking forward to the next year's show!
The car of the show was undoubtedly the Breezemount Motorsport's phenomenal Ferrari the Ferrari - LaFerrari. The 6,3l V12 950bho hybrid supercar costs £1.1 million and has a presence like no other car on the road.

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