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22 Sep 2014

ShoWerks LevelUp 2


Boys and Girls - This is how it's done...

Text and Photos: Reinis Babrovskis

After the recent fluke at the Belfast Motor Show in Kings Hall the petrol heads were demanding blood, so the local car enthusiasts from ShoWerks showed how it’s done by hosting the LevelUp car show. The event returned to the multi-storey car park in Bangor on August 3rd, 2014. It certainly wasn’t their first go at organizing a car event and even though it wasn’t the biggest nor the most attended car show in Northern Ireland, the quality of the cars present and the atmosphere didn’t let anybody down.
Autolifers entered the show with a stand that I was part of, so with the first morning sun creeping through the clouds we made an entry at a fellow Autolifer a.k.a. John’s house to give the cars a quick wash over. Once the hard work was completed it was time for some gorgeous bacon baps & coffee, after which we were ready to rock and roll. 
The impressive queue of sports cars at the entrance of the car park indicated this was going to be one helluva day. After the cars were parked everybody had another go with the quick detailer to make sure their cars were clean from the debris we could have picked along the 1 mile long trip to the car park. Once all of us the OCD folk were happy with the cars it was time to walk around and see what everybody had brought along. 
The top floor was occupied by the Blackwater Graphics trade stand; Andrew and his little helpers worked hard all day long to supply all the boys and girls with the stickers, thsirts and other cool merchandise. The other half of the floor belonged to the ILOVEBASS team. Along the merchandise their stand included 3 cars - Vauxhall Corsa in the brand new outfit, Honda S2000 and the immense BMW 8 series on the hydraulic suspension, that for many was the car of the show.
The second floor featured many private entries as well as cars from various clubs – Paintworx, Hood Status, Fitted State, Viva La Stance, Autolifers and others brought along some spectacular machines.
Air ride install company Design RMC was represented by a few tasty air ride cars to showcase their services, including the sensational white Ford Fiesta Mk7. It certainly was a car worthy to grab one of 10 prizes.
John Peden’s D4M LO Porsche has always been a spectator magnet – love it or hate it. Slamming an iconic classic is always going to be a WIN in my books. John didn't arrive alone either – his stance dog was proudly rolling in the 964 passenger seat alongside him, do you know many dogs allowed in a Porsche? Anybody saying this is just a show car obviously doesn't know John.
The Mini hiding in the corner was a true artwork and won a prize for a reason. Another car that grabbed my attention was the Ford Capri; I do still believe that it is the American muscle of Europe and I was happy to see one in this show, especially if it is as clean as this one.
Nigel was the only man to tackle the rain on a bike and arrived with his stunning Honda VTR. The red and yellow combo works perfectly.
Toyota Supra is undoubtedly one of the finest cars that left Japan and seeing so many at once was a real treat, not to mention the noise of them leaving the car park was truly "eargasmic".
[Hood Status] stand included the awesome 1JZ Lexus, “half naked” Honda Integra DC2, slammed Polo and the BMW on CCW Replicas.
Paintworx, as expected, had a very impressive stand bringing home 2 prizes, I don't expect anything less from them anyway. Marky’s new 5.5l AMG Mercedes Benz was certainly the ticket for a victory, as was the white Scooby with carbon bonnet. The demo of how to drive the Merc sideways was pretty damn impressive I must add.
Autolifers stand included two Mk II VW GTI’s, Chris’s pristine Hachi-Roku, classic Mini, Honda S2000 and two Mazda Mx-5’s. Well done to Chris and his “baby” for winning the prize!
Another car people seemed couldn’t get enough of was the beautiful Ford Sierra Cosworth –a true German engineering artwork. 
The open air car park featured stands from RMS (Really Mean Sounds), BCS (Belfast Car Scene), Engineous, BMW-NI, Ni Jap Scene and others. Sadly the weather decided not to play ball and what seemed to be a great idea to park outside in the morning now seemed like a bad one.
Andy’s white Honda Civic EK4 (Belfast Car Scene) is forever changing and I have much love for this car; it might not be to everybody's taste but it gets thumbs up from me!
Adam and the team at [Engineous] had a nice line up of Japanese cars, including his Subaru Forester, Jayme’s clean Evo VIII, Jonny's Civic and a JDM trolley :)
BMW-NI Club brought along a great number of cars with some treats in store for us like this lovely black E30 M3, they just don’t make them like that anymore.
Overall this was a great show with great atmosphere and some outstanding cars on display.Thanks ShoWerks!

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