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24 Apr 2014

Audi RS4

The Kermit - Audi RS4

Photos and Text: Reinis Babrovskis 

One of the most talked about cars currently in Northern Ireland is Mark’s a.k.a. the Wizard of Paintworx, phenomenal Audi RS4 Avant. It would be not fair to mention the previous owner and genius behind this car - Carl Taylor. “Kermit” is widely known throughout the VAG community in Europe. So if this is the first encounter, dear reader let me introduce you to this gorgeous car.
For many, this car might just seem like a pumped-up estate finished in a ridiculous colour, but you would be far from right; let me tell you why this car can still transport children, animals or large items of furniture, yet is also worthy of winning shows and hijacking magazine covers.

First of all let me get some facts straight:
  • this is no trailer queen 
  • this is no diesel, kitted wannabe
  • there are no replica parts here

This is the real deal - 2.7 litres of twin turbo, four wheel drive lunacy. With room in the back for mother-in-law and her monthly shopping. Even in factory standard form, these cars have become a pretty rare sight on the British roads, so kudos to anybody that has the guts to step it up a level and make it a full-on custom ride.

The looks

The most noticeable thing about the car is the stunning Porsche 911 GT3 RS viper green paintjob. It is a love or hate thing. But whether you agree or not, it is what makes this car stand out from the crowd. The original B5 model bodywork is a masterpiece on its own – those wide arches, unique, but subtle front and rear bumpers, along with the rear spoiler, which is shared with the S4 Avant. Continuous window lines make it a very beautiful car to look at. To enhance the factory clean look, this RS4 has been given a front number plate delete as well as the bootlid from the US version. The personalised number plate tends to attract a bit of attention as well.
To give extra punch to the looks carbon fibre parts were required…many of them I may add. The carbon theme can be seen in the shape of mirrors, roof rails, door handles, side skirts and all the door pillars. Plus, I haven't got to the interior yet.

The Stance

As you may have already guessed, the car is lowered on air suspension – airbags controlled by an Airlift V2 management system. To help with the stability uprated H&R front and rear roll bars were installed. With one magic touch, the car becomes so driveable that you could actually tackle the most evil city speed bumps without hearing the dreaded sound of bodywork on tarmac.
The King is dead, long live the King – it seems that the BBS boom is finally over and Rotiforms are now dominating the dub scene. With a mind blowing size of 19X10 on front and rear, they had to be spaced out with a help of 15mm spacers.

The Office

The RS4 seats have always been a benchmark and it is a true joy to be in them – it’s a spa to your bum. Carbon goodies are present everywhere in the interior as well – the gearknob, the gearknob surround, the dash, the horn, even the Momo steering wheel has been in a carbon shower. Four lovely Defi gauges located on the centre of the dashboard are the latest additions. 

The Audio

Since it is a custom show car, the shopping bags in the boot have to share some space with the JL Audi 4 channel AMP, Phoenix Gold Tantrum Subwoofer, Bose audio system all round, and it is all controlled by Kenwood DNX 9210BT head unit up front. 

The Heart

As I have mentioned before, this car is not just fit for driving your family around but will eat most sports cars for breakfast. The 30 valve V6 is a mind blowing engine, unmodified, capable of 0-60 well under 5 second mark; however, with the K04 turbos from a Porsche 996, it is now producing a mighty 440bhp. Within the heart we find S4 cams, S4 heads, forged pistons and a RS4 crankshaft with ARP bolts and race bearings. To make the car sing, it has been equipped with a full Miltek Turbo back exhaust and Miltek de-cat. It wouldn't be a proper car without a lovely twin forged dump valve. To make sure it’s all well cooled a front mount intercooler can be seen through the front bumper. Other upgrades include a LOBA fuel pump and LOBA clutch. It’s all nicely finished in a black/pink theme with the help of Samco hose kit.
Even though it might not be to everybody’s taste, this car is a true masterpiece and has to be respected for the fact it can win shows and yet be used to race around the backroads. As a matter of fact since bought by Mark it already has picked up some show awards here in Northern Ireland.


  1. That’s a very handsome car! Who wouldn’t love to hit the road in that? It’s one of the top tier and highest performing version of some specific generations of Audi A4 range of automobiles. I’m sure Mark’s pretty proud to be on the road with this amazing car. Thanks for sharing such superb photos, Reinis!

    Damon Dunn @ Cash4Cars

    1. I certainly agree, such an awesome car. Thanks for the kind words!