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19 Oct 2013

Mondello Race Circuit Transport Museum

As a child I hated going to museums, and in all fairness much hasn't changed since I've grown up (kind of), yet whenever the museum is as awesome as the Mondello Race Circuit own small transport museum, I just couldn't give this a miss.

Beside a lovely red Ferrari Testa Rossa there was, in my opinion, what is one of the best designs to come out of America - a truly magnificent Chevrolet Corvette C1 with its famous front grill. 
Further in the corner I noticed an epic car from Germany I've never seen in person before - the great BMW M1 Procar racing beast. This Cassani Racing team Procar is powered by 3.5 straight six engine pumping out 470 bhp with top speeds of 192mph. The M1 Procar racing was aimed to attract the F1 racers, which it successfully did - these cars were driven by such legends as Niki Lauda, Nelson Piquet. This M1 Procar was raced in the LeMans 24h race in 1985 and bought back by the driver in 1993 - the owner of Mondello Race Circuit - Martin Birrane.
What collection would this be without some NASCAR monsters - there were 2 Nascar cars on display both from Team Ireland in 1989. This Chevrolet Lumina is powered by a 5.8 V8 engine producing figures of 850bhp and max speed 200mph (restricted). This particular car was the winner of 1991 Busch Clash at Daytona in the hands of the legend Dale Earnhardt. All I can say - daaaaamn these cars are gorgeous. 
Around the small, but packed shed you could find yourself starring at the remarkable Lola group cars for ages, since there are quite a few on display.

I am a huge F1 fan and always have prefered "the good old day" formulas, so there were plenty of eye candies for me like this beautiful Sasol Jordan teams Jordan 1994 3.5 Hart V10 750bhp rocket. This car was driven by Rubens Barichello and Eddie Irvine in the 1994 season.
 But there were plenty more on the display

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