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13 Apr 2013

Croft Hillclimb 2013

The opening round of Northern Ireland hill climb championship – Croft Hill, was organized by TSCCNI and took place on Sunday, April 14. In total more than 60 drivers attempted to take on the twisty hill in various cars and different classes. The day was a huge success and attracted a lot of spectators and weather decided to play ball for a change as well!
Overall results are available here.

Top 5

1              78           Graham Thompson                    GTR Turbo           33.70
2              120         Seamus Morris                          Pilbeam MP62    33.71
3              32           Christopher Houston                 OMS CF04           35.46
4              38           Rudi Gage                                  Maguire Mini      36.75
5              20           Gardiner McIlwaine                   Westfield            38.14

This is only a small selection of images taken on the day -  If you wish to see your car photo samples, please contact me here.

Do not use/copy my images without my permission. © Reinis Babrovskis 2013

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