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30 Jul 2014

Audi A5

Rollin’on the Twenties

Photos and Text: Reinis Babrovskis

We love our big weekend toys, but the reality is we can’t really live with them on a daily basis. No matter how big of petrol head one would be, asking a potential customer in his Armani custom tailored suit to climb into a bucket seat and strap themselves in the harnesses might not really be the best first impression. We all do need this one sensible car that does take us from A to B, and necessarily not sideways or under 4 seconds. When the sun is shining Conor gets the adrenaline fix from his stunning V6 facelift Honda NSX; however, when the dreadful Monday returns and it is time to face another nerve wrecking working week, he swaps the high revving and screaming beast to this calm, quiet and beautiful Audi A5.  

Choosing an everyday car that is practical, comfortable yet not bland for a motor head isn’t actually as easy as it might seem. Clichés everywhere – buy a Range Rover Sport and expect people to comment on your hairstyle and chat about football, buy a Jag and people will ask to help them with their accounts, BMW – you’ll be pulled each day by the force check there aren’t any traces of Columbia in the trunk, Mercedes – well you got to be 50+ to legally buy these; so what’s left – Audi?! It offers the same extras as all the above mentioned cars, but Audi drivers yet somehow remain neutral avoiding all the stereotypes.  
The luxury German car manufacturer marketed the Audi A5 as a compact executive coupé with people who require style, speed and comfort in mind. The design was borrowed from the Nuvolari Quattro concept car and was unveiled to the public in the Geneva Car show on March 6, 2007. Flawless lines, sharp edges and curves, the signature features of Mr. Silva, really make the car stand out from the rest of the Audi fleet. The genius behind many ultimate car designs Walter de’Silva admitted that this is "his most beautiful design ever". The car was very well welcomed by motoring journalists and car enthusiasts upon the release.

Being a Quattro model it is a joy to drive as well. Being a perfectionist Conor decided to improve the driving experience even further by lowering the car on Eibach Pro-Kit springs, and giving the car a full geometric treatment.
The car came paired with the expensive and beautiful optional extra Audi 20” alloy wheels which certainly gives the car an impressive stance. To further improve that the H&R spacers were installed – 10mm at the front and 20mm at the rear. As you can imagine finding a 265/30/20 tyre to fit the enormous alloys is not easy, but once the piggy bank was smashed, the Michellin Pilot Sports were wrapped around the shiny 20ies.
Since the design of the A5 bodywork is faultless there was not a lot Conor wanted to alter. One of the changes he did think was needed though was the lovely RS front grille. After some serious search on the Internet, one was sourced, bought and installed and I must say it just compliments the rest of the sharp edged front of the car and adds that lovely “bling”.

In order to survive the annoying traffic jams going to and from work on a daily basis the car must have an interior that makes you feel relaxed. With lovely black leather S-Line seats and trims around the door cards, multi-control steering wheel, Sat Nav and dozens of other extras it is a lovely place to be in.

Doing a photo-shoot of this car was a true joy, as it certainly looks graceful from any angle. The shiny 20’s and the front bling grill really enjoy the sun and I must admit it is one helluva daily car.

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