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11 Nov 2013

Nissan Silvia PS13

Robert's JDM PS13

One of the most recognisable Japanese cars amongst the petrolhead society is bound to be the great Nissan Silvia. If you think of yourself as a car enthusiast you will have heard of this name before; it basically is the 911 of Japan. This is one of the longest running Japanese car models in the history, built from 1964–1968 and again from 1974–2002. There are so many variations of Silvia models that even for a heavy car enthusiast it might be a struggle to identify the exact model.

The S13 Silvia, introduced in mid-1988, was immensely popular in Japan since the moment of the release. S13 Silvias were initially powered by the CA18DE and CA18DET engines, later replaced by the SR20DE and SR20DET, offering improvements across the board in power and torque due to increased displacement and a more efficient turbocharger. These cars have a huge popularity amongst the drift community and the name Silvia has got 7 D1 Championships written all over it. Even though these cars are no longer on the production lines, they are nearly more popular now, than they were during the production time, hundreds of kits and modifications are designed for these cars and the strong fan base keeps these cars popular.
Robert’s PS13 started its life back in Japan in 1993 and has been living in UK for a while now; however, the styling of the car screams 1990s Japan all over the car. The ├╝ber awesome JUN bolt on arches with the crazy front JDM splitter, rear boot spoiler and pretty rare smoked crystal back lights make it automotive eye candy to look at. To freshen up the car it received a new layer of paint in giving blue color (which looks stunning in person; however, I must admit it looks more giving green to me).
Robert’s PS13 for certain does have a great road presence and mean stance which is achieved by the car being lowered on coilovers and sitting on absolutely beautiful 15” big dish Longchamp wheels.
The car interior has been upgraded with a half cage for some safety in case the sideway action gets out of hand, steering wheel has been replaced by a more comfortable MOMO wheel and an HKS gauge has been installed to allow Robert to keep an eye on his oil pressure.
Currently the SR20DE engine has been upgraded with some aftermarket cams, Trust four-branch manifold and down pipe, cold air induction kit to allow some fresh air to come in into the engine, oil filter and oil cooler re-locator kit and all tidied up a bit to look nice and shiny!
You would say this car already is beautiful and complete; however, you don’t know Robert… He bought this S13 as a winter project to keep him occupied during the long, dark winter evenings, and he already has some crazy plans for this car – it will receive a new engine, entirely new body parts, new paint job, wheels, in other words – it will be completely different car soon, so keep an eye out for the updates.

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  1. Wooooo, that is great, esp in the short time frame for the shoot. :-)